I have worked with Jen for about 10 years in my exercise journey. I especially love her yoga classes because she is a constant cheerleader and is a master of modification suggestions. Without her modifications I might have given up on yoga as a form of exercise for strengthening and toning. She encourages when you feel down and don’t want to continue in the class, then you end up laughing and loving the fact that you made it thru the class. She is a dear person and the main reasons I have continued in my exercise journey, which has made a positive impact on my well-being.
– Shelly J.

        Jen was my personal trainer since 2015. She developed and encouraged a regimen of circuit and weightlifting to help me achieve my personal goals. After hitting my goals, I had the motivation to start working on my own. She would help me come up with alternate exercises to keep my workouts fresh and would coach me on my form.
I would highly recommend Jen as a personal trainer. The most impressive aspect of Jen’s training for me and my observation with others would be her ability to adapt to a diverse population of clients and her excellent communication skills.
– Michael L.

        I have been in exercise and fitness classes with Jennifer Wagner since 2012 at Mercy Wellness Center, usually 5 days a week. Jennifer is an outstanding instructor and motivator.

In Dynamic Stretching classes, she modified classic yoga positions and stretches for older and less flexible people, but still definitely challenged us. In water aerobics classes, there was never a question about getting your heart rate raised, we worked hard and then had an extended stretching period before the end of class. Jennifer always focused on introducing moves and stretches one step at a time, starting with correct posture, then adding the elements and cautioning us not to proceed further if we couldn’t maintain the correct posture and the opening steps. This ensured that we exercised and stretched the intended muscles and did not injure ourselves with incorrect movements.

Jennifer is a happy person, with a great sense of humor, who made classes fun while keeping us working hard. She provided lots of cueing during our workouts to keep our breathing steady and in rhythm and she encouraged us to put our “all” into the movements, not just go through the motions. Jennifer fostered a sense of community among the members, caring about each of us in our quest for better fitness. Several times, I was having leg muscle problems and asked Jen if she could suggest a stretch or movement to ease my discomfort and, each time, she asked questions and listened, then suggested stretches that helped me to feel better and move more easily. Some wintry days, when I didn’t feel like getting myself out the door, anticipating a class with Jen was enough to do the trick because I knew the workout with her would be worth the effort! Jennifer has been a tremendous help to me in staying fit as I age!
– Bernie B.

       Jennifer Wagner has been my personal trainer and wellness coach for the past year. In that time due to her encouragement and instruction I have been able to achieve many of my health related goals. Specifically I have been able to reach my healthy weight goal, lose several inches from my waistline, improve my cardiovascular fitness, and develop more definition. In addition to those benefits my primary care physician has eliminated some medications for my type 2 diabetes. I can honestly say that these results have been due to the help I have received from Jennifer Wagner. It is my pleasure to recommend Jennifer as a personal trainer and health coach.
– John W.