Live Fitness Classes & Videos

Live Fitness Classes

Workout in a group fitness class format from the comfort of your own home with our live fitness classes on YouTube. We offer live classes Monday through Thursday at 8 a.m. CST. If you aren't able to join us then, you can access the recorded version of the class anytime during the same week.

Membership Pricing:

$64 per month ($4 per class)


  • 16 live fitness classes
  • Access to recorded classes each week
  • Full access to additional recorded videos on Collective Wellness by Jennifer Wagner YouTube channel

No contract required. Payments automatically charged every 4 weeks via Square.

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Collective Wellness by Jennifer Wagner on YouTube

We also provide a variety of FREE videos for you to access anytime on our YouTube Channel:
Yoga Stretch Fusion
Healthy Habits
Fitness Tips

Check out our FREE YouTube library:

Wellness Videos

Yoga Stretch Fusion

Jennifer developed Yoga Stretch Fusion on her YouTube Channel to help people who wanted to decrease pain and increase flexibility. This class also provides benefits of unlocking joints and improving muscular balance. Jennifer posts a new 30 minute Yoga Stretch Fusion every Tuesday. She provides these options for individuals have a hard time getting up or down from the floor. The standing class is perfect if your at work and you don't want to get on the floor. The floor class can be perfect for a relaxing class too. Please click on the video below and enjoy!